Hey! Would you like the first-ever mass produced Dresden Codak book ever? You should check out The Tomorrow Girl! It collects everything in the archives […]

Dark Science #25 – The Tomb

The Tomorrow Girl: Dresden Codak Volume 1 is the long-awaited print collection of the first five years of Dresden Codak and includes brand-new art and […]

The Kickstarter is LIVE!

The Dresden Codak Kickstarter is coming in a few days! Get your friends riled, folks, we gotta make this one count! Stay tuned to the […]

The Tomorrow Girl Trailer

I hope you all had a good holiday! I’ve got a big announcement: The Tomorrow Girl: Dresden Codak Vol. 1, will be out soon! This […]

The Tomorrow Girl is coming!

Unfortunately due to a poorly-timed illness, I’ve had to push back the next comic to the end of this week. In the meantime, I thought […]

The Silmarillion Project

Guys! I’ve got all sorts of cool things in the Dresden Codak store for the holidays! B9 Kingdom Books are now in the store for […]

Holiday Store Mega-Update!

New to Dark Science? Read from the beginning! Apologies for this comic being a couple days late. Hurricane Sandy has caused a lot of trouble […]

Dark Science #22 – Caspar

Congratulations to the winners of the contest! 1st Prize – Joe Medwid 2nd Prize – Erin Stillwell 3rd Prize – Noah Billings The Costume Answers: […]

Halloween Contest Winners and Answers!