Scientist Kimiko Ross has a problem: her money’s gone and a bank exploded her house. With no place else to go, she travels to Nephilopolis, the city of giants – built from the ruins of an ancient war and a fading memory of tomorrow.

Follow our cyborg hero as she attempts to survive the bureaucratic behemoth with a little “help” from her “friends.” And what exactly is Dark Science anyway? Start at Page One.


Time travelers sure are a handful, huh? How will science-doer Kimiko Ross deal with the imminent technological singularity? And how will the Tokamak twins deal with her? Start at Page One.

Hob is Dresden Codak’s first long form story, running from 2007 to 2008.

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The collected short-form Dresden Codak comics are all in one place. Find more adventures with Kim Ross, the Tokamaks, Rupert & Hubert as well as cavemen with big imaginations and brilliant enactments of the most essential 3rd act twists.

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