DC Reenactment Contest: Results!

The results of the DC Reenactment Contest are here!  There were so many great entries!  There’s one First Place, two Second Places, and three Third Places.  I’ve also included some honorable mentions of additionally awesome reenactments.  And the winners are…

First Place:

– Sarah, Diane, Matthew, & William Kelly
Adapting: Lantern Season

A really fantastic adaptation. I especially like the first-person perspective and narration by Kim, as well as the amazing puppets!  It really captures the flimsy, paper theater feel of this part of the story.  Well done, guys!

Second Place

– James Hazlewood & Joel Sellars
Adapting: Caveman Science Fiction

It’s the little things that make this stop-motion video so great, like the pterodactyl, and the bizarre shaking the caveman does while pooping.

– Liana Engie & Ian St.Lawrence
Adapting: Lantern Season

Hand drawn animations, and great ambient noise!  So lovely.  Kim kicking that rock at the end is just the best.

Third Place

– Nora McCarty
Adapting: Dark Science #3

Stop motion Kimiko is a treat, but what I especially love is the voice distortion.  Radnar constantly interrupting them is exactly how I envisioned it!

– Grant Paige
Adapting: Naked and Riding a Dinosaur

Great casting!  It’s really neat to see different people’s takes on how the Abstraction Salesman would actually sound.  The voice distortion is a really novel approach.

– Matt Arnold & William Cole
Adapting: Caveman Science Fiction

Really nice animation of the “Earth” scenes, and fantastic goofy acting by all.  It really makes me sad that cavemen never got around to making B-movies.

Honorable Mentions:

Dark Science #1 by Christian Collins & Alice Dranger

The “Man and Superman” scene had me in stitches.  What a horrible roommate that guy would be.

Lantern Season by Shelby Davis & Caleb Hildenbrandt

Very cool visuals, and decidedly spooky mood all around.  One of the best Lantern Season adaptations I received!

Hob #1 by Михей Беркофф

Lego time is the Best Time.

Dark Science #1 by Ezra Schott

He’s got D.H. Ron’s mannerisms down better than I do!

Hob #3 by David Faber

I really like the idea of Kim being a tiny embarrassed bear.

– Be a Zebra by Allen Pan

Words cannot describe…

Kimiko’s Workshop by Matthew Paquin

Man, I really wish this was the set of a live-action show about Kimiko.

Hob #27 by Janina Taylor
Nice robot arm! Kim looks so disappointed.

42 Essential 3rd Act Twists by Evan Goldaper

These are so great.  The world is made better by a photo of a crucified lion puppet.

Trouble in Memphis by Brian Rocks

Sokar ain’t lookin’ happy.  Also I really like how “cat costume” has become “mustache.”  Well played, Brian.

– “Historical Preenactment of the Finale of ‘Insert title of most recent Dresden Codak comic here'”  by Patrick Chimenti

I can’t even begin to parse this, but I love it.

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