There’s a new Mars-themed wallpaper up with original art: Curiosity! As usual, a donation of any amount will get you access to any and all […]

New Wallpaper: “Curiosity”

Because apparently my computer has to break at the end of each summer, I’ve been scrambling to fix some debilitating technical problems since last Friday. […]

Computer Woes and Comic Delays

Remember when I mentioned I was working on some books? This is one of them! I’ve got a new art book coming out, but only […]

B9 Kingdom/Art Book Kickstarter!

Act 2 now begins! Sorry for the slow delays, I’ve been working on two books at once as well as an additional project to the […]

Dark Science Act 2: Paradiso

I’ll be exhibiting at the MoCCA Festival in New York this weekend! Come find me at booth E3 (with Johnny Wander), I’ll be drawing some […]

New York and Toronto, here I come!