Kimiko “Kim” Ross

Autodidactic Robot-Girl. Prone to meddling, folly, and stumbling upon alternate spheres of existence. Began a love affair with science at an early age, which led to stuffishness, affronts to nature and poor grooming. Recently devised advanced self-prostheses following a spat with time-colonists. Inventor of the quantum detangler, polio 2 and the nostalgia gun. Uncomfortable with Asian heritage.
Age: 22
Favorite Lepton Flavor: Tauonic


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Yvonne “Vonnie” Awning

Analytical clerk for the Department of Taste, Vonnie knows every facet of Nephilopolis’s bureaucracy. Terribly fashionable. Terribly obsessed with social networking. Terribly displeased with anything her brother does. Those glasses are not prescription.
Age: 24

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Kaito Kusanagi

Kimiko’s estranged father and legendary architect of Nephilopolis. World renowned as the greatest roboticist in history, his designs were so sophisticated that no one else knows how to effectively reproduce them. Since his death, he’s been elevated to a near-saintly status in Nephilopolis, much to the displeasure of Kim.

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“D.H.” Ron Awning

Vonnie’s more poetical brother. Has only seen films that have won Best Picture. Double majored in haikus and smoking a cigarette under a lamppost. Charmingly insufferable.
Age: 21
Favorite Beatle: the white one


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Tiny Carl Jung

One of the founders of Tiny Psychology. Famous for the development of tiny dream analysis, as well as the concepts of tiny shadow half, tiny archetype and tiny collective unconscious.
Power Animal: Mongoose


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Dmitri Tokamak

Probably Nuclear-Powered individual. Comic book-inspired lifestyle comes into frequent conflict with friend Kim’s machinations. Enjoys fantasy novellas and ironed pants. Dislikes ghosts and making a fuss.
Age: 23
Favorite Whig: Zachary Taylor

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Alina Tokamak

Sister of Dmitri and also probably Nuclear-Powered maybe. Also friends with Kimiko for reasons (possibly video games). Dislikes Sokar, Egyptian god of decay. Enjoys cake and making a fuss.
Age: 23
Power Animal: the Wolfman

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Rupert & Hubert

Victorian intellectuals who live on the Moon, Rupert and Hubert entertain the most profound questions of the times, as well as defend their magic castle from varying sorts of Moon-Monsters.
Age: 128 Combined

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