Hob #5 – For Lack Of A Better Term

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Hob #5 - For Lack of a Better Term

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Have you read Occam’s Razor? It’s about battling the minions of Kent Hovind, and it has feathered dinosaurs!

The great Josh Lesnick recently commented that he finds it distressing how few popular webcomics actually have quality artwork, a complaint I’ve made before. Nothing wrong with minimalist art, of course, and it does stand to reason why more easily produced comics are going to be more abundant, but as an art-type I think it’s my responsibility to spread the word when it comes to comics that do push that visual envelope (like the absolutely spectacular Pug Davis). As such, I call on to you, dear readers, to let me know about any new fancy webcomics that deserve plugging.

In other news, you should watch this video starring old Nick Gurewitch. It has a lumberjack and a bear!

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