Hob #4 – After Many A Summer Dies The Swan

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Hob #4 - After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

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I’ve come to accept the fact that my comic really doesn’t work unless it’s being read on the internet, that mystical place where referencing information is instantaneous and fairly reliable. Even if you’re familiar with all of the references in each installment, a google or wikipedia search of key terms can yield interesting bits of information that tie together components of the story. For example, Kimiko doesn’t explicitly state the actual name or full subject of the book she’s reading, nor does she mention that Julian Huxley, neoteny pioneer, also coined the phrase “transhumanism” in 1957. Are these things related? Hoo Ha Hoom.

As you know, it’s my sworn duty to find quality webcomics and share them with you, the lazy audience. Check out Nobody Scores!, an energetic absurdist bit that makes excellent use of Infinite Canvas techniques. Also, read Lackadaisy too, which is such a spectacular comic I just don’t know what to do.

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