Dark Science #09 - Insufficient Credibility
April 19th, 2011

Dark Science #09 - Insufficient Credibility

That Kim’s in a pickle!

Some housekeeping:

- I will be in the land of Canada next month at TCAF!  I’ve never been, I hope the locals aren’t hostile.  I may even have a new book there!  We’ll see.

- If you want to stay up-to-date on the comic, I highly recommend following me on Twitter, signing up for the mailing list (at the bottom of every page) and/or subscribing to the RSS feed. I’ll post progress updates on Twitter, in particular.

- I’ll be teaching a Webcomics course at CCNY starting in June!  If you’re a student there or just want to sign up, you should check out the details there.

- You can now get that Awesome Dark Science Wallpaper as a poster now!  Why aren’t you looking at it right now?