Dark Science #08 – The Department of Inquisition

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Looks like things aren’t shaping up too well for our intrepid robot-girl. Couple of notes this week:

If you have any questions about the comic or even me, I’ve been doing Q&A’s on Reddit and Formspring. I’ve gotten some pretty neat questions so far.

Rap-man Adam Warrock’s Dresden Codak song “I Will Do Science to It” is now available for download! Also, all donations go to us, the creators, so if you’re looking to support the comic but aren’t interested in the merch or wallpapers, this might be for you!

I’ll be in Seattle at Emerald City Comic-Con March 4th-6th. There’s always a great turnout for that show, and I can’t wait to see you all again, plus I hope maybe I’ll see some new faces too!

The exceptional MoCCA Festival’s coming up in New York, as well, April 9th-10th. Now that I am an official Brooklyn-Man, I hope to trade amazing stories with all the fine folks who come out!

Attention Canadians: I am finally setting foot in your country for the Toronto Comic Art Festival May 7th-8th. I know nothing of your strange land, so you’ll have to teach me your ways.

Dark Science is churning along at a good pace now, I think. There are many surprises in store, and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

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