New T-Shirts and Stickers and Mugs, Oh My!

Because I love all of you, I have created new things for you to own. They will increase your power and your memory.


Mezzode Liberation Front Shirt

“Think globally, act locally. Preferably with fire.” Show your support of Nephilopolis’s rowdiest saboteurs fighting (and thieving) to liberate oppressed cyborgs everywhere!

Dresden Codak Sticker Pack

Finally an end to the tyranny of a bare laptop! These quality Dark Science stickers succeed in adhering to most known substances (and a few unknown ones).

Cyborg Pride Mug

Finally you are able to show your cyborg pride not just on your body, but in mug form, as studies have shown that shirts are one of the less effective means of drinking coffee! (Starts Shipping December 6!)


And, in case you missed it, there are also two new prints over on the Dresden Codak Topatoco shop!






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