B9 Kingdom/Art Book Kickstarter!

Remember when I mentioned I was working on some books? This is one of them! I’ve got a new art book coming out, but only with your help! I, along with three other artists (Nedroid, Emmy C. & Danielle Corsetto) will each be featuring our own exclusive art books as part of volume 2 of Benign KingdomBenign Kingdom is a creator-owned publishing project designed to showcase the art of independent comic creators.

It’s all funded by our Kickstarter, and if you donate, you can get copies of our books, the full hardcover collection and lots of other treats! I can guarantee my own book has tons of new art for your eyeballs to enjoy. If you’re into that sort of thing (ie: amazing art by independent creators) you should donate and tell your friends!

Benign Kingdom

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