Book Premiere at SPX!

My computer’s on its way to being repaired, thanks to all the amazing support and donations provided. You guys are the best readers a wacky cartoonist like me could ever ask for.

The very first graphic novel-sized Dresden Codak book is premiering this weekend at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.  If you’ve never been to a comic show before, this is an excellent one to check out!  I’ll be there and will do all sorts of illustrations in the books too!  We’ll have a grand old time.  You can also order it online starting this Friday, September 9th!

The DC Primer is 52 pages of new art, character and location bios (including a history of Nephilopolis) and comic theory articles, as well as a 7 page opener to Dark Science. It’s quite a thing to see, and I hope you cats like it!

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