Webcomics Class Finals

The next Dark Science will be up in a couple days, but until then… student webcomics!

So as many of you have heard, I’ve been teaching the first-ever Webcomics course over at CCNY. The students I had were great and overall it was an absolute blast to teach what I do on an academic level.  At the end of the course, everyone was given the option to actually publish a webcomic of their as their final, and I’m going to share them here (because, after all, they won’t get the full experience unless someone’s reading their work online)!  I highly encourage you guys to contact these artists and provide constructive feedback.  Note:  these are beginners, most of which have never drawn any comics before this course.  Please be polite and constructive in any kind of criticism you offer.

No Asylum by Christopher Gonzalez

Dew Date by Dennis Munoz

One Line Wisdom by Lynn Romanak

‘Tis Race by Sharon Stokes

Broken Clover by Daiana Munoz

Ant by Marleni Urena

Desert Raine by Leon Mckoy

Uber-Dork by Nichole Rodriguez

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