The 2010 Dresden Codak Reenactment Contest!

So listen up, chickens, we’re going to have us here another contest. I am offering some exclusive prizes. What do you need to do?

The Challenge: A live-action reenactment of a Dresden Codak comic page/panel/story with real people, puppets and/or models, using either photography or video.

This doesn’t have to be elaborate or high-production value.  Points awarded to creativity and ingenuity. (Ridiculous costumes are a plus)

* First Prize – 2nd Edition Hand-bound Hob Book, 3 Dresden Codak 2010 sketchbooks, all personally illustrated!

* Second Prize – 2 DC 2010 Sketchbooks, personally illustrated

* Third Prize – 1 DC 2010 Sketchbook, personally illustrated

Host your videos on youtube or send your videos or pictures to me at

The deadline is July 23!

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