Stickman Comic: SPX 2009!

SPX 2009

SPX was great! There were some great comic folks there, including John “The Monocle” Allison, Kate “Fop Chaser” Beaton, Evan “Rice Boy” Dahm, Chris “Ghost Master” Yates, David “Danger Beard” Malki!, Erika “Over 18” Moen, Jeph “Questionable” Jacques, Dylan “Frostbite” Meconis, Meredith “Octopie” Gran, Rich “Critical Neurosis” Stevens, Danielle “Better at Fighting Stalkers” Corsetto, John “Sad Child” Campbell and many more!

Thanks for everyone who came out. It was a great time for all, I’m sure.  And if you didn’t have the best time in my presence then you were doing it wrong.


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