2012 Halloween Wallpaper Contest!

For the first time in a while, I’m having another Halloween Wallpaper contest!

For a donation of any amount you can get your hands on the new wallpaper with the cast all dressed up. If you can name all eight costumes in the wallpaper, you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win some fab prizes!

1st Prize - The very last Hob Special Edition Softcover, one of my B9 Kingdom art books (all personalized) and the original screen for the handmade Hob book!

2nd Prize - A personalized B9 Kingdom book!

3rd Prize - A strongly worded email about goblins to a person of your choosing!

All you have to do to enter are these steps:

1) Download the new Halloween wallpaper

2) Mail me your answers at dresdencodak@gmail.com (title the email “DC Halloween 2012″)

3) Include both the names of the characters and what they’re dressed as in your email.

If you get them all right, you’ll get a chance to win one of the prizes! Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 31. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, October 30th.


B9 Kingdom Signing at New York Comic Con!

If you’re attending New York Comic Con this weekend, you can find me at the Benign Kingdom table (166), where I’ll be doing signings from 5-6pm on Friday/Saturday and 4-5pm on Sunday!


Dark Science #21 - The Institute For the Disrespect of the Arts

What are all those guys up to anyways?


Small Press Expo THIS WEEKEND in Bethesda, MD

Guys! I’ll be at the Small Press Expo this weekend, in Bethesda, MD (right outside DC)! I’ll be bringing along some cool new stuff like my B9 Kingdom Art Book (never before seen by humans), so don’t miss your chance to get one signed in person! I’ll also have with me the Dresden Codak Primer, the Department of Awareness Posters and an ALL NEW poster premiering at SPX!

You can find me at tables W13-W20, with all the Topatoco guys!

Unfortunately preparing for SPX took longer than expected, so I’ve been forced to push the next page of Dark Science to next week. But it’s a good one, I promise!


New Wallpaper: “Curiosity”

There’s a new Mars-themed wallpaper up with original art: Curiosity!

As usual, a donation of any amount will get you access to any and all wallpapers!


Dark Science #20 - The Department of Taste

Today is my birthday! I am 29, and now filled with a creeping, unyielding dread, as if I have accomplished nothing of worth for the past decade. Welp, hope you like the comic!

The Benign Kingdom Kickstarter was a massive success! We ended up raising a whopping $140,617, dwarfing our initial goal of $15k. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed, and for those who didn’t, my book will eventually be available in the Topatoco Store, once it’s printed!

In other book related news, I can finally announce that I’m putting the finishing touches on the first ever full Dresden Codak book! It’s called The Tomorrow Girl, and it will include all of Dresden Codak aside from Dark Science and a few of the super early strips (as I don’t have print resolution copies of them). I’ll let you guys know when that’s ready to go!


Computer Woes and Comic Delays

Because apparently my computer has to break at the end of each summer, I’ve been scrambling to fix some debilitating technical problems since last Friday. This unfortunately has pushed the next Dark Science page next week, as I’m only now getting my tablet and Photoshop working again.

On the more positive side, our Benign Kingdom Art Book Kickstarter has been doing amazingly well, blasting past our goal of $15k to reach (at the time of this writing) over $94,000! (Additional info on that here).

As an added incentive, if we reach $97,500, backers of the Kickstarter will get a little full-color preview of Monday’s Dark Science page, so if you’re into awesome books and all that, you should consider contributing!


B9 Kingdom/Art Book Kickstarter!

Remember when I mentioned I was working on some books? This is one of them! I’ve got a new art book coming out, but only with your help! I, along with three other artists (Nedroid, Emmy C. & Danielle Corsetto) will each be featuring our own exclusive art books as part of volume 2 of Benign KingdomBenign Kingdom is a creator-owned publishing project designed to showcase the art of independent comic creators.

It’s all funded by our Kickstarter, and if you donate, you can get copies of our books, the full hardcover collection and lots of other treats! I can guarantee my own book has tons of new art for your eyeballs to enjoy. If you’re into that sort of thing (ie: amazing art by independent creators) you should donate and tell your friends!

Benign Kingdom


Dark Science #19 - The Department of Quantification

Dark Science Act 2 begins! What will happen to our brave heroes???

DID YOU KNOW you can get access to any and all of the many, many hi-res Dresden Codak wallpapers with a donation of any amount? It’s true!


Times can be tough for online comics in the summer months, and this, combined with the time I’ve had to take off to work on the two books, has resent left my funds thin as of late. Dresden Codak is my only source of income, and that entirely comes from you! I’m not one to casually ask for donations, but if you’re interested in supporting more free comics on the internet, I certainly won’t stop you.


Dark Science Act 2: Paradiso

Act 2 now begins! Sorry for the slow delays, I’ve been working on two books at once as well as an additional project to the comic. Things are back on regular schedule now, though!