Dark Science #12 - Shadows

After computer troubles and a handful of poorly timed real-life issues, I’m back in business! Hope you like the new page of Dark Science, the plot’s about to kick off at high speed now!

I’ve been up to other things too in the interim, including some comic redesigns:

Rebooting the Justice League

Rebooting the Legion of Doom

Rebooting Batman

Tales of the Uncomfortable


2011 Halloween Wallpaper!

After many a real-life setback, Dark Science #12 will be up next week! Until then, why not check out this Halloween desktop wallpaper? It’s got the whole gang, dressed up as those goombas from Team Fortress 2 I found it hauntingly appropriate.


Carousel: the Science Edition & a Justice League Reboot

I’m going to be doing a public reading of Dresden Codak this Wednesday, October 5th, at Dixon Place in Manhattan. You should come! There are going to be some great guests.  Check it out the details here: Carousel: the Science Edition. And here is the Facebook event.

Also, for an added treat, check out my take on DC’s Justice League on the art blog. I don’t often venture into superhero comics, so it was a fun exercise:

Rebooting the Justice League


Art Blog - Top 10 Best Superhero/Villain Redesigns

All the computer woes have been sorted, and I’m happily churning away on the next Dark Science!  Until that comes out, check out the latest art blog:



Get the BRAND NEW DC Primer!

The DC Primer is 52 pages of new art, character and location bios (including a history of Nephilopolis) and comic theory articles, as well as a 7 page opener to Dark Science. It’s quite a thing to see, and Aaron sincerely hopes you cats like it! Book Info: 52 pages, full color, perfect bound, smells great.

Plus, you can totally get a customized and personalized illustration!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, SERIOUSLY?


Computer update…

So it looks like I spoke too soon about the repairs, and it turns out sorting things will be more expensive than anticipated.  What this means for you, dear readers, is that it’ll be another week before DC is fully operational again.  Sorry about the delay, I’ll see what I can do.


Book Premiere at SPX!

My computer’s on its way to being repaired, thanks to all the amazing support and donations provided. You guys are the best readers a wacky cartoonist like me could ever ask for.

The very first graphic novel-sized Dresden Codak book is premiering this weekend at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.  If you’ve never been to a comic show before, this is an excellent one to check out!  I’ll be there and will do all sorts of illustrations in the books too!  We’ll have a grand old time.  You can also order it online starting this Friday, September 9th!

The DC Primer is 52 pages of new art, character and location bios (including a history of Nephilopolis) and comic theory articles, as well as a 7 page opener to Dark Science. It’s quite a thing to see, and I hope you cats like it!


So my computer died…

Bad news, folks.  My work computer (the one I use to make all the comics) has died. While I don’t believe I’ll lose any files, repairs are looking to be hundreds of dollars, if not more. This essentially means that all comic progress is stopped until I can get this sorted.

I’m not one to ask for support, but if you’re interested in the comic continuing at any kind of rate, you could consider purchasing something from the store, buying a wallpaper or just donating:

I’d really appreciate it, and your fellow readers will too!


Dark Science #11 - Candle in the Dark

What’s going on here? I originally intended this to be double-sized, but I wisely chickened out and will save that for the next update.

There are going to be some interesting book-related announcements coming soon…


Webcomics Class Finals

The next Dark Science will be up in a couple days, but until then… student webcomics!

So as many of you have heard, I’ve been teaching the first-ever Webcomics course over at CCNY. The students I had were great and overall it was an absolute blast to teach what I do on an academic level.  At the end of the course, everyone was given the option to actually publish a webcomic of their as their final, and I’m going to share them here (because, after all, they won’t get the full experience unless someone’s reading their work online)!  I highly encourage you guys to contact these artists and provide constructive feedback.  Note:  these are beginners, most of which have never drawn any comics before this course.  Please be polite and constructive in any kind of criticism you offer.

No Asylum by Christopher Gonzalez

Dew Date by Dennis Munoz

One Line Wisdom by Lynn Romanak

‘Tis Race by Sharon Stokes

Broken Clover by Daiana Munoz

Ant by Marleni Urena

Desert Raine by Leon Mckoy

Uber-Dork by Nichole Rodriguez