Dark Science #15 - Last Words

I could draw Kusanagi’s hair forever.

This comic was actually drawn in about 5 days this week. I’d been working on a different page, but halfway through I realized I’d ROYALLY SCREWED UP and had forgotten about important story things, so I scrapped it and put this one up instead! Comics!


Dark Science #14 - The Department of Instillment

The plot thickens! I hope you all have a lovely holiday. I’ll be here, fighting the good fight in the internet mines, making the best comics I can make.


New Holiday Desktop Wallpaper!

I painted a new wintery desktop wallpaper for you guys! Also you can now download every wallpaper with a single donation. Why? Because I likes ya.


Dark Science #13 - Homework

A new comic! This one is a little smaller for story reasons. The next page will be up in two weeks! Regular updates abound.

It’s Cyber Monday, you know, and what better way to celebrate than by getting a loved one some Dresden Codak merchandise? I have such lovely things now, made just for you.


New Update System

<—- As you can see to the left, I’ve added a “next comic” date to the site that will tell you when the next page of Dresden Codak will be up! I usually keep an internal deadline, but since it takes a long time for each page to come out, I’ve decided it would be best to let you guys know how long the wait will be.

As always, thanks for reading and supporting the site!



Dark Science #12 - Shadows

After computer troubles and a handful of poorly timed real-life issues, I’m back in business! Hope you like the new page of Dark Science, the plot’s about to kick off at high speed now!

I’ve been up to other things too in the interim, including some comic redesigns:

Rebooting the Justice League

Rebooting the Legion of Doom

Rebooting Batman

Tales of the Uncomfortable


2011 Halloween Wallpaper!

After many a real-life setback, Dark Science #12 will be up next week! Until then, why not check out this Halloween desktop wallpaper? It’s got the whole gang, dressed up as those goombas from Team Fortress 2 I found it hauntingly appropriate.


Carousel: the Science Edition & a Justice League Reboot

I’m going to be doing a public reading of Dresden Codak this Wednesday, October 5th, at Dixon Place in Manhattan. You should come! There are going to be some great guests.  Check it out the details here: Carousel: the Science Edition. And here is the Facebook event.

Also, for an added treat, check out my take on DC’s Justice League on the art blog. I don’t often venture into superhero comics, so it was a fun exercise:

Rebooting the Justice League


Art Blog - Top 10 Best Superhero/Villain Redesigns

All the computer woes have been sorted, and I’m happily churning away on the next Dark Science!  Until that comes out, check out the latest art blog:



Get the BRAND NEW DC Primer!

The DC Primer is 52 pages of new art, character and location bios (including a history of Nephilopolis) and comic theory articles, as well as a 7 page opener to Dark Science. It’s quite a thing to see, and Aaron sincerely hopes you cats like it! Book Info: 52 pages, full color, perfect bound, smells great.

Plus, you can totally get a customized and personalized illustration!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, SERIOUSLY?