B9 Kingdom/Art Book Kickstarter!

Remember when I mentioned I was working on some books? This is one of them! I’ve got a new art book coming out, but only with your help! I, along with three other artists (Nedroid, Emmy C. & Danielle Corsetto) will each be featuring our own exclusive art books as part of volume 2 of Benign KingdomBenign Kingdom is a creator-owned publishing project designed to showcase the art of independent comic creators.

It’s all funded by our Kickstarter, and if you donate, you can get copies of our books, the full hardcover collection and lots of other treats! I can guarantee my own book has tons of new art for your eyeballs to enjoy. If you’re into that sort of thing (ie: amazing art by independent creators) you should donate and tell your friends!

Benign Kingdom


Dark Science #19 - The Department of Quantification

Dark Science Act 2 begins! What will happen to our brave heroes???

DID YOU KNOW you can get access to any and all of the many, many hi-res Dresden Codak wallpapers with a donation of any amount? It’s true!


Times can be tough for online comics in the summer months, and this, combined with the time I’ve had to take off to work on the two books, has resent left my funds thin as of late. Dresden Codak is my only source of income, and that entirely comes from you! I’m not one to casually ask for donations, but if you’re interested in supporting more free comics on the internet, I certainly won’t stop you.


Dark Science Act 2: Paradiso

Act 2 now begins! Sorry for the slow delays, I’ve been working on two books at once as well as an additional project to the comic. Things are back on regular schedule now, though!


Guest Comic by Danielle Corsetto

Here’s the last guest strip by the immaculate Danielle Corsetto, creator of Girls With Slingshots.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these! Things are nearly back to normal around here; I’m almost done working on the Dresden Codak book and another project, both of which you’ll be hearing about very, very soon!


Guest Comic by Chris Baldwin

This week’s guest comic (once again filling in for me while I work on the Dresden Codak book) is by the magnificent cartooning-man Chris Baldwin, creator of the fantastic sci-fi series Space Trawler. Seriously, if you haven’t ever read his stuff before, you need to get on that.

One more guest comic to go next week, then it’s back to our irregularly scheduled program!


Guest Comic by C. Spike Trotman

This month I’m working on finishing up the upcoming Dresden Codak book (more details to come), so a few of my marvelously talented friends are providing some guest comics! I hope you like them!

This week’s comes from C. Spike Trotman, creator of Templar, Arizona and organizer, a fantastic alternate-history webcomic that you should be reading if you aren’t already. She’s also the organizer of Smut Peddler, whose Kickstarter you should most definitely check out.

There will be another update next week, and very soon I’ll be able to tell you guys more about the book!


New York and Toronto, here I come!

I’ll be exhibiting at the MoCCA Festival in New York this weekend! Come find me at booth E3 (with Johnny Wander), I’ll be drawing some things and bringing all my goodies, including books and posters! If you’re into comics that aren’t the big mainstream regulars, MoCCA is New York’s finest show for just that!

BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE: I’ll be at TCAF in Toronto next weekend doing some panels and bringing some books and merch as well. TCAF’s a great show and it’s free to attend! If you’re in town you should definitely give it a look. I’ll be at the TopatoCo booth upstairs.

Also, if you haven’t noticed the Dresden Codak Messenger Bags have finally arrived! I’m so pumped about these, you have no idea. Ever since I put that image in the comics, I’ve wanted to make these. They’re very high quality and glow in the dark, too!


New Dark Science “Dark Counsel” Wallpaper!

By popular demand, I’ve included the final panel fo Dark Science #18 - Dark Counsel, as a new donation wallpaper. Enjoy!


Dark Science #18 - Dark Counsel

This ends the first chapter of Dark Science! Thanks for reading so far, the next part’s going to be pretty exciting, I hope you enjoy it!


New Moebius Tribute Wallpaper

Last week my personal hero, Jean “Moebius” Giraud, died at 73. There has never been a more singular influence in my work and career, and his passing has been deeply felt by the world of comics and pop art. While many in America may not recognize the name, Moebius has had a heavy hand in the direction of modern science fiction since the early 1970s, including Alien, Bladerunner and Tron. In the comics world he is best remembered for co-founding the magazine Metal Hurlant, gracing it with such legendary stories as Arzach and The Airtight Garage.

He has been a part of my life long before I knew his name. I remember picking up a monster magazine when I was 8 years old (as it had previews of the upcoming Batman cartoon), and on one of the pages was an image from Arzach, the iconic warrior atop his concrete pterodactyl. I didn’t understand where itw as from at the time, but the picture stuck with me. Years later, when I was around 12 and the Sega Saturn was coming out, I saw in a store footage from the game Panzer Dragoon, which somehow reminded me of that image from years ago. I ended up getting it for Christmas and it became a massive influence in my artistic development, though at the time I had no idea that Moebius (whom I still did not know) had actually worked on this game as well!

It kept happening as I grew up, everything from Miyazaki’s film Nausicaa to all my favorite science fiction films, Moebius was there. By the time I discovered who he was as an adult, I decided it was time to make my own comic, namely Dresden Codak.

I’ve been having a difficult time expressing what he’s meant to me as an artist and a person, so I’ll leave it at this: there aren’t many artists who can change the direction of a person’s life, but Moebius was one of them for me, and the best way I can pay tribute to the decades of amazing art and storytelling is to keep making my own and hope it might one day reach people in the same way.

Goodbye, Jean. You’re gone, but not forgotten.