Dark Science #45 - The Favor

We are much more than the sum of our parts.


Dark Science #44 - Wellness

Big Changes are on the horizon…


Dark Science #43 - Assistance

Poor Kim


Emerald City Comic Con March 27-29

Emerald City Comic Con!

Hey Seattle, it’s that time again! I’ll be at ECCC this Friday-Sunday (March 27-29) at Topatoco’s booth 1102. I’m right on the sky bridge, so I’m easy to find! Come on over, we’ll have a grand time.

Unfortunately, I’ll be out for the better part of a week, so Monday’s comic may be late. I’ll keep you posted via Twitter.


Dark Science #42 - Introspection

Hey Seattle! I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con March 27-29 if you want to hang out and talk about important dinosaurs and/or Dark Souls. Also I’ll have books and cool things too! Come find me at the TopatoCo Booth.

I hope everyone’s digging the new biweekly schedule, I know I am! Also it’s the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Dresden Codak! How did this happen? How am I still alive? These questions may never be answered.


Dark Science #41 - The Parade of Progress

Great news! Thanks to my amazing Patreon supporters, I can now offer a regular schedule for Dresden Codak! Look for the next page in exactly two weeks, and every other week from then on!


Dark Science #40 - The Fire

Enjoy this double-sized edition of Dark Science! It was fun and also exhausting to try this format again, but I think it was worth it.

ALSO, I’ve got some brand new wallpapers based on this new installment, check them out!


Dark Science #39 - A Modest Proposal



Dark Science Act 3: Purgatorio

I got this one done faster, so here’s an update a day early! Act 3 is going to be a lot of fun, I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride so far.

Also, I went back and added a brand new page for Act 2 in the archives, if you want to check that out!


Dark Science #38 - Read More

Sorry the site’s been down for the last couple of days, there was a database problem and I had to migrate servers. It was a whole thing, but we’re good now!

I hope you all enjoy this one. I planned this page a couple years ago and never actually thought it would ever be so eerily topical. I guess some problems are pretty universal.