Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’ve provided some themed cards that you can give to your sweetie.

Robocop Valentines

Hey wait a sec, that symbol looks familiar… I’ve been drawing this page simultaneously with the next one (because I am a fool), so Dark […]

Dark Science #07 – Intermezzo

Happy Christmas everyone!  I’m all moved in and drawing the next DC page, until then, I’ve put up a new article on my art blog, Indistinguishable […]

The Return of the Art Blog

There are some new shirts in the store, I hope you like them! Also, I’ve been wanting to share some of the concept art for […]

New Shirts and Concept Art

Guys!  I know it’s been ages and ages since a new design has been up in the store, but never fear: Cyborg Pride shirts are […]

Cyborg Pride T-Shirts & Hoodies