The Mediator
I’m back! Jesus, my face still hurts a bit after my recent adventure, but my hands work well enough to draw things again. I don’t […]

Hob #24 – The Mediator

No lousy hand injury is going to keep me down. Bet you can’t even tell the difference.


The Rising Sun
First order of business: Poop Sign. My roommate directed that commercial. Back by popular demand: For a donation of $5 or more you can get […]

Hob #23 – The Rising Sun

The Biscuit Science shirts have done really well, and the first preordered shirts should be going out this week! Now I am going to sleep.

Hob #22 – Eloi

I really like how Jen Wang draws people, so I decided to draw some of the ones she’s done!  Also gas mask men.

Jen Wang vs. Gas Mask Men

The “Biscuit Science” shirts are still available for preorder!  This may be the best selling shirt I’ve ever made so far.  Right now it’s available […]

I Will Do Science to It

I wisely opted out of the double-size spread I was initially going for. This is a much tighter design than what I had originally attempted. […]

Hob #21 – Mother

I got a new brush set and this is the result of about 5 minutes tinkering.  Photoshop watercolor brushes are notoriously useless, but I think […]

House from the Woods

The original plan was to have this next installment be 3 Hob pages tall, but I felt it was too mean to go that long […]

Hob #20 – Copan