So I’ve got the regular Twitter for me: And now I have ones for Kimiko and Tiny Carl! Have I finally plumbed the […]

So hey, Twitter Orders are going way faster than I anticipated, but there are still a few left! **EDIT** Okay they are gone!  Sorry, I should have done more.

The Hob Book is Here!

Advanced Dungeons and Discourse
From the internet that brought you the Original Philosophy RPG. I don’t usually like the things I make but this one is pretty okay.

Advanced Dungeons & Discourse Hi, remember me? Me neither. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I should probably make some more comics so people will still give me […]

Dresden Codak is back with a Vengeance

Also hey I should probably link my appearance on the illustrious Erika Moen Show:

New comic sooon…

Headed off to SanFran now. Have an uninhibited and dangerous weekend.  

Huppy Hulloween!

The End
I hope you all enjoyed the Hob storyline; it’s been one heck of a ride for me, let me tell you. I highly recommend going […]

Hob #27 – The End

Goodness gracious. Only one page to go! I’ll be at the Small Press Expo this weekend in Bethesda, Maryland. Hope to see you there!

Hob #26 – Epilogue

The Long Road
Well, dear readers, there you have it. I always wanted to make a comic about the gestational cycle of the Earth-Fetus, and now that dream […]

Hob #25 – The Long Road