My computer’s on its way to being repaired, thanks to all the amazing support and donations provided. You guys are the best readers a wacky […]

Book Premiere at SPX!

Bad news, folks.  My work computer (the one I use to make all the comics) has died. While I don’t believe I’ll lose any files, […]

So my computer died…

The next Dark Science will be up in a couple days, but until then… student webcomics! So as many of you have heard, I’ve been […]

Webcomics Class Finals

Dark Science #11 is on its way!  It’s taking a little longer as this particular page is super duper double sized.  Just thought I’d share […]

Preview for Dark Science #11

Kim’s gone and dressed up as 18 different characters! This was a little side project I’ve been doing on and off, and I thought it […]

Kim’s Costume Cavalcade