Fabulous Prizes
This one took forever, but I am happy with the result. If you like it a whole lot, now you can buy a print! Also, […]

Fabulous Prizes

Apologies for the long delay on the next comic.  Business Things have been piling up, and also I’ve once again picked a style that is […]

I Swear I’m Not Dead

I think most of the new site bugs have been fixed now. You may notice I’ve reshuffled my links sidebar a bit; I’ve dropped a […]

New Comic Linkage

So I came across this wonderful flash composition, Soy tu Aire, and it got me to pondering once again about the relationship of interactivity and […]

Interaction as Art

Centuries ago, when Dresden Codak began, I wrote everything out in HTML by hand, and it’s stayed that way for ages. Today marks the day […]

New Site Design!