So I’m going to try something a little new here. Every Monday-Thursday I’m going to post a little sketch on my Twitter, and then every […]

Sketchtime Friday: Cheese & Krakens

The next comic is churning along, though I’ve had to take a few days off to deal with some nasty tendinitis. In the meantime I’ve […]

Comic preview/desktop image!

The winner of the drawing is Ann Kennedy! Congratulations, Ann! She’ll be receiving a signed 2009 DC Sketchbook and a hand bound 2nd Edition Hob […]

Halloween Contest Winner (and answers)

Check it out: the donation wallpaper this month is all fancy and Halloween themed! For a donation of any amount, you can download it at […]

2009 Halloween Wallpaper & Contest!

***UPDATE: THE SKETCHBOOKS ARE SOLD OUT. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT ONE!*** So with convention season over, I’m now able to sell the leftover 2009 […]

DC Sketchbooks: *SOLD OUT*

So this last weekend I was very privileged to be invited to attend the Singularity Summit in New York, an annual meeting of minds to […]

Singularity Summit: a brief review

So hey! I will be attending the Singularity Summit this weekend in New York, and it should be a whale of a time.  If you’re […]

Singularity Summit Oct 3-4