Blog Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve shared content for my Star Wars ’99 project, but I just put up ten new images […]

Star Wars 1999 on Patreon!

Hey guys, I’ve been dealing with a neck injury that’s left me with constant migraines and an inability to move my head for the better […]

Injury-Related Comic Delays

People were digging the latest page so much, I decided to make a wallpaper set out of it! You can get it on Gumroad, or […]

Final Form Wallpaper Set!

Emerald City Comic Con! Hey Seattle, it’s that time again! I’ll be at ECCC this Friday-Sunday (March 27-29) at Topatoco’s booth 1102. I’m right on the […]

Emerald City Comic Con March 27-29

Due to an unexpected technical issue with my drawing hardware (which I’ve had to replace), I have to push back the update of the next […]

Technical Delays

Happy New Year, everybody! I’ve got some great news upcoming Dresden Codak in the next couple weeks, but for now I’d like to announce a […]

New Site- The Silmarillion Project