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Today’s comic is something a little different: a quick timeline of our hero Kim Ross’s misadventures that doubles as a hilarious adventure game! I hope […]


The Process
Happy 2010! I hope you like this one (and I’ve also updated the cast page).  This was supposed to be finished more than a month […]

Zithromax side effects

As the next comic nears completion, enjoy this week’s collection of daily sketches! Kim’s finalized designs for an upcoming story: Kim doing some good […]

Sketchtime Friday: Robot Socks & Flying Rocks

So I’m going to try something a little new here. Every Monday-Thursday I’m going to post a little sketch on my Twitter, and then every […]

Sketchtime Friday: Cheese & Krakens

The next comic is churning along, though I’ve had to take a few days off to deal with some nasty tendinitis. In the meantime I’ve […]

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