Yearly Archives: 2010

A Degenerate Prepares for Hell
I was actually working on a different comic than this one for the past month or so, but it just kept turning into garbage for […]

A Degenerate Prepares For Hell

It’s that time again, party people of Portland! The Stumptown Comics Fest is this weekend! I’ll be back again, this time with the last of […]

Dresden Codak vs. Portland

Hey, look! The Excessively Authentic Dresden Codak 2010 Sketchbooks are here! They contain trade secrets, behind-the-scenes processes of the comic, and all of my daily […]

Dresden Codak 2010 Sketchbooks Have Arrived!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Seattle last weekend! It was an intense, grand time. I’ll be at Wondercon in a couple weeks and […]

Sketchtime Friday: Tolkien!