Yearly Archives: 2006

Dungeons and Discourse
This is an actual game idea that I’ve tossed around before. I have never actually played a tabletop RPG, though, so I’m probably grasping in […]

Dungeons And Discourse

Summer Dream Job
Bad news: For those who have not already found out, A Lesson is Learned, but the Damage is Irreversible has gone on an extended (if […]

Summer Dream Job

Transversing the Luminiferous Aether
It’s time to talk about Pando, the world’s largest alive thing: “Pando (or The Trembling Giant) is a clonal colony of a single male Quaking […]

Traversing The Luminiferous Aether

Girl vs Bear
Long time so see, folks. Check out the slammin’ new forum. Top Stories: Bionic Limb Breakthrough, Scientists Make Bionic Muscles, Artificial Hand Created I think […]

Girl Vs Bear

Anagoge Starring Tiny Carl Jung
I hope by this point you regular reader-types are starting to get a feel for where this nutty comic strip is headed. In this next […]

Anagoge Starring Tiny Carl Jung

Naked and Riding a Dinosaur
Why is it that so many Star Trek fans like to dress up as Klingons? Klingons are loud, smelly and are in no way related […]

Naked And Riding A Dinosaur

Be a Zebra
When I was a boy of ten I was convinced that I had been killed repeatedly in my own lifetime. I reckoned that most people […]

Be A Zebra

More metaphors than you can shake a stick at. Hooray! If you’re not familiar with Zhuangzi, well, then you should remedy this. This week my […]


Trouble in Memphis
If I were to meet a girl wearing an actual Planck’s Constant t-shirt (as Kimiko is sporting there), I would immediately marry her, no questions […]

Trouble In Memphis

I have aged considerably during the completion of this comic. To experience the full effect, I suggest listening to Rachmaninov’s 18th variation of Rhapsody on […]